Future of Work // Zukunft der Arbeit - Conference @GDI, Zurich May 4th 2016


Present are i.a.
– Prof. Dr. Yanis Varoufakis (Former Greek Minister of Finance)
– Prof. Robert Reich (Former US-Secretary of Labor)
– Dr. Albert Wenger (Twitter investor and Union Square Ventures 1 billion Manager)
– Prof. Erik Brynjolfsson (MIT professor, author of “The Second Machine Age”)
– Andrew Stern (Former President of the largest US union and 2008 “most invited person” in Obama’s Office)
– Rob Johnson (President of Institute for New Economic Thinking)
– Daniel Häni and Enno Schmidt (initiator of the Basic Income movement Switzerland)
– Prof. Bruno S. Frey (Economist)
and many others.

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